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A one million gallon reservoir collects all of the roof water from our nursery. A biological filter cleans the water of any pathogens so that we can re-use it in our growing process.

Water Recycling All run-off from the nursery is fed through reed beds which minimise nitrate and other nutrient loss into ground water.

All water that is used in the cleaning process for growing equipment is channelled to a BioBed. Here any chemicals are broken down and rendered harmless by carefully maintained bacteria.

Chemical Cleaning BiobedEnergy
Producing young plants can be energy intensive and we aim to reduce our energy usage wherever possible. One way we can do this is by using thermal screening whenever possible to reduce heat loss from the greenhouses. We are constantly trialling new growing regimes which use less energy but maintain the same high quality.

Chemical usage
We have an ongoing process to reduce the amount of chemicals that we use in our production process. Wherever possible we use biological pest control and adopt production protocols which minimise the use of pesticides.

Water Recycling ChannelRecycling
We are committed to re-cycling as much waste as possible. All of our paper, cardboard and plastic is compacted before being recycled.

Trays left over from the production process are returned to the supplier for re-cycling into new trays.