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The glasshouses on our main site are of wide-span construction with an environmental monitoring system that allows us to automatically control many crucial elements of the growing process.

germination areaThe entire site is laid with a benching system that allows crops to be easily moved from one environment to another.

As well as automatic watering and feeding, the light levels, temperature, humidity, shading and ventilation can also be controlled. This allows our growers to concentrate on the quality of the crop.

This picture shows one of our germination areas - a warm and humid environment that some seeds need to germinate.

Screens and watering booms are in widespread use throughout.

Our energy needs can be provided by gas or biofuel; our boiler setup allows us to switch between resources depending on the prevailing costs. Our Bio boiler will allow us to heat water using wood or other biomass such as willow or miscanthus.

We also have a small CHP (combined heat and power) unit that uses gas very efficiently to heat one glasshouse and it also powers the lights and emits carbon-dioxide into the growing space for the benefit of the plants.

Aerial view of Bordon Hill Nurseries Ltd.

Production is spread across two UK sites with our head office at Bordon Hill Nurseries Ltd. in Stratford-on-Avon.