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Process automation is one of the key ways in which we maintain the consistently high quality of our products.

Automated PlantingSeed sowing
All of our seeding lines are mechanised. An automatic system delivers substrate to each line; trays are de-stacked, filled, dibbled and labelled in-line.

After the seed has been placed in the cells vermiculite and water are applied, where required. Trays are then moved onto our nursery transport system using a tray loading machine. Each seeding line is connected to a PC which prompts users regarding machine settings for each batch being sown.

Replugging Robot Gapping Up
Robot technology is employed to detect seeds that have not germinated in the trays. The redundant growing medium is removed and the space left in the tray is filled with a rooted plant. Machines like the one pictured can quickly process large numbers of plants.

More robots are used to transfer plants from one type of container to another.